Is there Crypto-Orthodoxy among some Eastern Catholics?
I love Eastern Catholicism, but I keep hearing stories of the Zoghby Initiative (an eastern bishop's philosophy that basically wasn't Catholic), some Eastern Catholics not believing the Filioque, and on Rorate Caeli, on the piece about the Russian bishop's comments about Orthodox and Catholics working together against secularism and Islam, I read a comment written in response to a comment that Eastern Catholics were completely Catholic:


    I wouldn't be so sure. From the Melkite Challenge 2005 (part of the religious formation programme for Melkite children in the United States of America):

    8. How many Ecumenical Councils were held?
    a. Seven Ecumenical Councils

    9. Was the Vatican council an ecumenical council? Why?/Why not?
    a. The Vatican council was not an ecumenical council – no participation from the Orthodox

One is Catholic, or not. I know there are good, trad Eastern Catholics amongst the fishies. What do you think of this?

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