Is there Crypto-Orthodoxy among some Eastern Catholics?
(04-01-2011, 01:02 PM)Virgil the Roman Wrote:
(04-01-2011, 12:41 PM)St. Drogo Wrote: I concur. What annoys me most is how many Eastern Catholics flaunt married priests as if it were something desirable as opposed to something merely tolerated.d

There is nothing wrong with married priests.  Many Latins denigrate it and try to force Byzantines in America to have celibate priests. Against the particular and wholly legitimate tradition of Eastern Catholic Church  admitting married men to their clergy's ranks. 

In the US the intransigent Bishop Ireland caused a schism by Fr Alexis Toth and several hundred thousand fellow Eastern Catholics to defect to the Eastern Schismatic churches. All because he and a select few of his compatriots were jealous of the married clerics and said also that having married Eastern Catholic clerics would "confuse" the lay-faithful.  Bah!

I am sorry, but I cannot stand whenever some folks rail against certain aspects of the Eastern rites' as if it is okay. I certainly don't support or applaud this crypto-Eastern Schismatic tendencies amongst many Eastern Catholics nowadays, either. (I've noticed it on the online forums; not so much in real life, though.)  It is sad times we live in: Times of Mass-Apostasy. 

While Bp. Ireland may have had a role in causing a schism, it must be said, of course, that the Easterners didn't need to schism, and are still at fault.

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