Is there Crypto-Orthodoxy among some Eastern Catholics?
eh, the phenomenon is largely American and largely on the Internet (though I am surprised to see what the Romanian brother had to say - but in USA Romanian Catholic Church is sort of wacky)... in person I have not experienced it as described - though I have experienced (even from myself) disdain for the Latin Church but not because of "Cryptic Orthododoxy". Like what Melkite said my parish is also liturgically identical with the Eastern Orthodox and maybe that's why I have never experienced "Cryptic Orthodoxy". I also think Latins think some things which are rightfully ours by tradition (married clergy and not reciting filioque) to be examples of our "unCatholicness"   

Actually on the flip side we have lost members to the Latin Church because we were/are too "Orthodox", off hand I can't think of anyone leaving us for the Eastern Orthodox

Historically Russophilia, notably early 20th century in the Carpathian province of Austria Hungary (now Zarcarpatia Oblast in Ukraine) caused a couple schisms (implanted with Russian agents whom took advantage of anti-Hungarian disdain) - Russian Church agents also infiltrated the early Greek Catholics in America and taking advantage of Bishop Ireland et al caused a similar schism to the Russian Orthodox to create what would become today the "Orthodox Church in America", which is the second largest Eastern Orthodox group in America, the Greeks being first.   

As far as Crypto-Orthodoxy in Byzantine clergy, I think those who were serious about it became Eastern Orthodox years ago.

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