Nuclear-ignited skies the fulfillment of Akita?
Tell me if this has already been discussed. 

But I was reading an article that talked about the potentiality of the skies becoming ignited, thus causing the fiery three days of darkness we keep talking about.

Here's the script:

Fire falling from the sky

Our Lady of Akita had warned that “fire will fall from the sky.” John Haffert of the Blue Army has produced a video document with the help of Dr J. Rand McNally, a nuclear scientist, to show how this could literally happen.

McNally theorized: “Should a nuclear tornado triggered by a strong nuclear explosion possess strong enough E x B drive, it might permit the ignition of the atmosphere in a powerful, annihilating nuclear fusion fire which could burn up whole nations, if not the earth.”

When the third secret of Fatima was disclosed in 2000, it was accompanied by a commentary from Cardinal Ratzinger. Commenting on the vision of the angel with a flaming sword about to scorch the earth, Ratzinger wrote that the possibility of the earth would be engulfed in fire is no longer in the realm of fantasy, as man, by his inventions of weapons of mass destruction, has made this possible.

Nuclear fusion fire

McNally, using scientific methods, demonstrated how this could actually happen, that fire will literally fall from the sky as the atmosphere is ignited with nuclear fusion fire, feeding on the oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere, in a nuclear hurricane that could envelop nations in fire, even span continents.

The present danger from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power station, if the radiation leaks continue unabated, may pose a similar risk as the highly contaminated waters flow into the ocean and are carried across continents. What was alarming was the report last Sunday that the radiation reached 10 million times the normal level. This was later corrected to 100,000 times, which is still cause for alarm.

The latest reports confirm that the Fukushima contaminated waters have reached Florida and Massachusetts. As of this writing, the valiant battle to contain radiation leakage in the plant has been abandoned. The effort has been switched to decommissioning the six reactors which will take 30 years at an estimated cost of one trillion yen ($12 billion).

seems plausible...
Fukishima going up in a mushroom cloud is not fire falling from the sky.
Of course not....not yet anyway. I can see the Chem-trailing as being an additive factor in our ultimate fiery destruction.I suspect God is handing us the rope with which we will hang ourselves as opposed to something of a more supernatural origin.
One this is for sure if it were to happen. The cockroaches will pull through and live to tell.

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