Vatican statement re: Assisi
(04-04-2011, 07:31 AM)devotedknuckles Wrote: Churchill indeed was a monster. That said I'm curious how many korans Churchill French kissed? Or how many naked goat piss drinkin pagans danced for  him. See I'd Churchill did do that it woudl be expected from monserz
but a  pope? Assisi is the monster fsr worse the. Churchill. It's a sacrelege of the highest order it was before it's hard to argeue it won't be again
a qoute from one monster Churchill is rather fitting for the monsterous Assisi

To be honest I think I've reached the point where I just want to argue for the sake of arguing.  I need to take a step back.
U should. But what's thereto argue with in my post?
Was churchill a monster?
U claim so, we agree
did jpii the small French kiss a Koran? Yes
did naked goat piss drinkin pagans dance for him?
was Assisi a massive insult and sacrelege?
truly your in the wron place to argue the above is false. J less u now claim Churchill wasn't a monster. Besides the first point the rest is bigoty which een the most rabid neocon moder ist can't say didn't happen
Don't forget, Pope John Paul II also asked St. John the Baptist to protect Islam and all the people of Jordan.

Why would a saint want to "protect" a false religion which is not positively willed (nor revealed) by God?
(04-04-2011, 07:14 AM)City Smurf Wrote:
(04-04-2011, 12:38 AM)Gerard Wrote: No there isn't a need for "dialogue with everyone at all."

I'm sure that's easy to say when you live in the comfort of your little American hamlet.

You prove my point.  The people of my little American hamlet are included among "everyone."  And "dialogue" does nothing but screw up the Church. 

Quote:Another false assertion.

Goodness may be pushing it, but I have never found a human who is not actually in search of the truth.  To claim that a man prefers ignorance is an over-used rhetorical device.

By the way, I'm sure you could have found a more reputable man to quote that that monster Churchill.

The quote was apt and Churchill made it.  Strangely, most people I know are not in search of the truth at all but rather comfort.  And they are repelled by the truth when faced with it.  This phoney idea of everyone searching for it, is the premise of universal salvation since Christ said, "Seek an ye shall find." 
Assisi III -- "A pilgrimage, not sycretistic..."  Well, it is celebration of the 25th anniversary of that syncretic prayer for peace meeting 25 years ago, isn't it?

Why doesn't the pope consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which he knows hasn't been done (I read sometime ago he made this notation).  Peace is to be achieved through the Immaculate Heart, not by any other way or means.

Anyway, it seems that the inviattion to these various non-Catholic groups has already been made and the Vatican will "lose face" if these are going to be disinvited ("Sorry, we just found out you don't have the true faith, we are cancelling you"). 

And why doesn't the pope listen to the sage words of those who have written to him not to go ahead with this plan because it will cause irreparable damage to the Church, already a done deal 25 years ago, putting yet another wound to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?


Because: -- "...For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables.”  [2Timothy 4.3-4]

And because: -- " ... the rest have been blinded.  As it is written: God hath given them the spirit of insensibility; eyes that they should not see; and ears that they should not hear, until this present day.  [Romans 11:8]
(04-04-2011, 08:59 AM)devotedknuckles Wrote: jpii the small

That's a violation of rules.

Quote:When speaking about the current Holy Father or any previous Pope, he will be spoken of respectfully. He may be referred to using his proper titles, e.g., The Holy Father, or his Papal name, e.g., in the case of the current Pontiff, Benedict XVI or Benedict.

Any criticism of Papal actions must be done respectfully with due consideration given both to the person and office of the Pope, remembering that he is the Vicar of Christ and holds the Keys. This means referring to him as an heretic, accusing him of heresy, etc. is not allowed on this forum. Sarcastic or vitriolic comments, or anything not worthy of the dignity of the Papacy is not allowed. He should always be given the benefit of the doubt for his actions, as far as reason allows, out of respect for the Throne of Peter and the Magisterium.

You can be critical of the Koran kissing debacle, even strongly so, while being respectful of the Papacy and it's previous occupants.  Thanks!  :tiphat:
ah sorry i meant the great
ill keep it under raps
(04-04-2011, 01:36 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: ah sorry i meant the great
:laughing:  I hope you didn't because that presents another problem...  :fish:
just teasin
"Pope Benedict XVI and representatives of the world's major religions will make speeches and sign a common commitment to peace when they meet in Assisi in October, but they will not pray together, the Vatican said.

In fact, Pope Benedict's formal prayer service will be held at the Vatican the evening before the encounter Oct. 27 in Assisi with leaders of other Christian communities and representatives of the world's main religions."

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