Switzerland's Bishop Huonder of Church Triumphs in Rome
Editor A sign of still more great things to come? After reports in the media, a lot of international support including a Support the Bishop of Chur petition which was circulated widely, the Roman Authorities have ruled in favor of this goodly shepherd fighting against the Church-tax structure of Switzland's Old Liberal Elite.

Like Hitler in His Bunker

The Roman journey of Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur was a triumphal march.  by Maria Huppi.

(kreuz.net)  Bishop Vitus Hunder's Rome trip in the past week was an explosive success.

Pope Benedict XVI and the involved Curial Prelates stood behind him and encouraged him to forge ahead.

Switzerland's Bishop Huonder of Church Triumphs in Rome

Once again Pope Benedict shows courage against the wolves. Pray for him, that he may fulfill that which has been made in all righteousness by Our Lord Jesus Christ, that he may strengthen his brothers in the time of their greatest need.

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