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The Church cast the important vote - apparition not approved.
Two consecutive bishops have confirmed that nothing supernatural has occurred at Medjugorje.  Thats good enough me.  I don't give this alleged apparition any heed.
(04-09-2011, 11:02 AM)UnamSanctam Wrote: What do you think?

Opinions, Assertions, Comments, Statements, Absolute Truths?

Medjugorje = Mega-Forgery
I think it is official everyone. Our votes (thank God) coincide with orthodoxy.

Thank you for having responded to my call.
Fake or satanic.  Just looking at it, I get a Disney/Las Vegas vibe.
Whoa still 100%.  Unanimous consent of the FEers.
My favorite argument is that the Blessed Mother wouldn't appear at a town we can't pronounce  :laughing:
Love this bishop's unambiguous take!

Medjugorje: the accusation of the bishop-exorcist Mons. Gemma: "The apparitions of the Madonna? Completely false: the seers lie under the inspiration of Satan to profit economically"

(04-09-2011, 02:28 PM)CrusaderKing Wrote: Along with the infamous late Cardinal Bernardin, a great devotee of Medjugorje was the late Hans Urs von Balthasar, infamous in his own way.


The link above struck me as too bizarre to be true. 
One among many examples:
"Eventually the Church expressed its gratitude for von Balthasar’s contributions to theology and faith by issuing him the Vatican’s prestigious Paul VI Prize in theology. "  That seems like conferring on Adam Sandler the Pee Wee Herman Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Then I realized, the article was written on April 1st.  So, maybe this is a joke? 

What strikes me the most is in comparing Medjugorge's and Akita's apparitions:

In the first case we are bored since decades by thousands (!) of messages which are difficult to analyse on a theological level due to their huge number and their wishy washy contents. And although it has become a worldwide known place of pilgrimages, Medjugorge still is not approved by the Church almost 40 years later.

In the second one, there is one seer and a few messages with a frightening prophetic content. Nobody knew of Akita until some weeks ago, except in the trad circles, as if the Church wanted it to be kept hidden like the Fatima's 3rd secret.
And last but not least, these apparitions were APPROVED by the Church a few years after they happened.


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