Major Schism in U.S. Catholic Church Underway
(04-10-2011, 03:04 AM)HuskerTom Wrote: I, too, agree.  The sooner the schism happens, the better the Church will be in the long run, IMHO.  I can't tell you how many Catholics I know who abstain from meat on Fridays yet skip Mass on Sundays.  It's such a sad time in which we live....I blame technology.

No, I don't want this schism. I am quite upset that there are some who believe this might really happen. The implications are huge. Naturally, I will stay with Rome, until it preaches "another Gospel," but our liberal brothers and sisters or those who are lukewarm will have less of an opportunity to learn from traditionalist priests and laity if they go to schismatic churches. I am concerned about the confusion of the faithful, the loss of priests and sacraments, and the distribution of Church properties. At the same time, it never ceases to amaze me how even educated priests and laity can fall for such an obvious satanic scheme. Gotta wonder how many Masons are behind this...

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