Major Schism in U.S. Catholic Church Underway
To me this is just the really whacky Sister Joans, and Father Allan Aldas pretending "we are the people of god". What is dangerous is what Raymong Arroyo reported after Obamamesiah's election; that 51% of the Bishops voted for him. 51% of Bishops and 54% of laypeople now that's real schism.

I mean how many really goofy liberals are in the Church like those folks ? I think less than 5%, but there "committees" influence the 54% pretty much. Without wishing harm for their souls, it would make life easier if they themselves decided to split. I think without committed liberals the Saul Alinsky/Msgr. Egan type of committees would die from lack of nurture.

There's no way I'm going to join up with an "American Catholic Church" if indeed it does come to that. My loyalty's to the pope, plain and simple. :pray2:
(04-10-2011, 07:47 PM)Fallen Angel Wrote:
(04-10-2011, 03:04 AM)HuskerTom Wrote: I, too, agree.  The sooner the schism happens, the better the Church will be in the long run, IMHO.  I can't tell you how many Catholics I know who abstain from meat on Fridays yet skip Mass on Sundays.  It's such a sad time in which we live....I blame technology.

No, I don't want this schism. I am quite upset that there are some who believe this might really happen. The implications are huge. Naturally, I will stay with Rome, until it preaches "another Gospel," but our liberal brothers and sisters or those who are lukewarm will have less of an opportunity to learn from traditionalist priests and laity if they go to schismatic churches. I am concerned about the confusion of the faithful, the loss of priests and sacraments, and the distribution of Church properties. At the same time, it never ceases to amaze me how even educated priests and laity can fall for such an obvious satanic scheme. Gotta wonder how many Masons are behind this...

"Rome" is already "preaching" a different gospel and has been since Vatican II - they just do it "unofficially," that is, fallibly.  Rome preaches the new religion created at the close of Vatican II that calls itself "Catholicism" - very few there preach the true religion of our fathers unfettered - and many there preach both religions together as some sort of monstrous hybrid, and this is the major cause of confusion in this time of crisis.

Unfortunately, this public schism needs to happen.  It has actually already happened, just on a private level.  Let the wheat be separated from the chaff - let black be black and white be white.  Something like this would force people to pick a side - and it would virtually end the confusion of these last 50 years (that is, if "Rome" actually returns to her true self instead of continuing her patronage of the humanistic and Masonic beliefs of Vatican II neo-Catholicism, but I believe something like this would be a major catalyst for Rome to return to tradition).

Actually something like this occurring would be the very best thing that could happen to the souls of the world - lukewarm and liberal "Catholics" alike.  This would force them to choose between either side of the fence instead of jumping back and forth from yard to yard.  I think that most of the "lukewarm" Catholics would choose the correct side of the fence but most liberals would probably choose the wrong side.  The "neo-cons" would go where the pope is and if Rome returns to tradition, they would have to finally admit their former blind obedience and concede the fact that the traditionalists were right all along.  All in all, this would be a good thing.  Let us pray that it happens.
Nic, didn't the Lord say he'd allow the cockle to grow with the wheat ? 

(04-11-2011, 12:03 PM)timoose Wrote: Nic, didn't the Lord say he'd allow the cockle to grow with the wheat ? 


When the forest grows too wild a purging fire is inevitable. 

The entire history of the Church wheat and weeds grew together, but the wheat ran the show so the rest of the "field" would know how to believe.  Only one other time in Church history has the leadership in the Church been so thoroughly infected, and that is during the Arian Crisis.  Guess what happened then - a council forced every Catholic to pick a side and a major schism occurred, which in time the Arian belief structure died off.  This is exactly what needs to happen today.  Make what is private public and the errors of these last 50 years can be dealt with because the false Catholicism and the true Catholicism will begin to be separated instead of operating in close proximity to one another.  This has been the cause of the confusion of this era of crisis, and a public schism of this magnitude would virtually end it.
(04-11-2011, 11:59 AM)Nic Wrote: Unfortunately, this public schism needs to happen...

Actually something like this occurring would be the very best thing that could happen to the souls of the world... All in all, this would be a good thing.  Let us pray that it happens.

Nic, you seem to be well-read on church history. I, in contrast, are relatively new to Catholicism, converting from Protestantism last year. I was attending Evangelical churches who were ultimately birthed in the Lutheran schism.

So my questions would be:
1. Wouldn't excommunications be preferable to a schism?
2. You seem to suggest we should pray for a schism to occur. Huh? Really?
But Athanasius went to the council with a club.

(04-11-2011, 12:33 PM)timoose Wrote: But Athanasius went to the council with a club.

Not a very refined man, I gather.
(04-09-2011, 08:53 PM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: The sooner, the better.

Let white be white and black be black.

Agreed.  I think this is good news and long overdue. 

I'll even help organize a farewell shindig and help them pack up.  The sooner they are all gone, the better.  And they can take their ugly churches with them.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.  Don't let the door hit you in the behind when you're leaving.
If there was a schism we could return to the Traditional Latin Mass and all the Tradition that goes along with it. They won't go in schism the Catholic Church even as just an institutional has power that they want, they already have no faith.

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