Major Schism in U.S. Catholic Church Underway
(04-10-2011, 03:04 AM)HuskerTom Wrote: I, too, agree.  The sooner the schism happens, the better the Church will be in the long run, IMHO.  I can't tell you how many Catholics I know who abstain from meat on Fridays yet skip Mass on Sundays.

In the fourteenth century, according to St. Bridget of Sweden (book IV. letter 33), they didn't even abstain from meat on Lenten Fridays--even in Rome. And the churches themselves, according to the same letter, were abandoned and used as latrines for people and animals. Of course, it was this kind of thing that led to the Great Western Schism.

Nic Wrote:The entire history of the Church wheat and weeds grew together, but the wheat ran the show so the rest of the "field" would know how to believe.  Only one other time in Church history has the leadership in the Church been so thoroughly infected, and that is during the Arian Crisis. Guess what happened then - a council forced every Catholic to pick a side and a major schism occurred, which in time the Arian belief structure died off.
That's really not the only time when the "wheat" ran thoe show. Over a few centuries in the middle ages most to all the leadership were simoniacs and worldlings who had no interest in instructing the people how to believe, but only furthering their own ambition. Really, from what I've read in volumes of letters from Saints in those periods, from the 10th century until the Counter-Reformation, with a few bright-spots here and there (the Gregorian reform, Innocent III's Lateran Council, etc.), those running the show didn't really run it. The wheat were found mostly in a few religious orders, although even many monasteries were overrun with sodomites and worldings. St. Vincent Ferrer, for examples, went from town to town in Italy and France (supposedly the heart of Christendom) offering out-door Masses and preaching about the very basics of the faith--people didn't know what the sacraments were, what Mass was, why it was important, etc. Where were the bishops and priests in these towns? What were they doing? Pretty much just being weeds.

Also, the Council of Nicea didn't make every Catholic choose a side, basically just the bishops and princes. According to St. Isadore's histories, the people just went along with the king--sometimes switching from orthodoxy to Arianism and back to orthodoxy within the same generation. It was ultimately the political victory of the orthodox kings and their submission to the Pope that did it.

Point being, ecclesiastical history--the whole of it, not just the Arian crisis--is messy and there are rarely any silver bullet solutions--be they a schism or the decision of a Council, etc.

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