Wooooow....Shea goes after Voris
Right on kingtheoden, I hear you.  I see tons of converts who come to tradition because they sign up to be Catholic, go through RCIA, and feel like they're still Protestant.  A good convert makes a great Catholic because they chose the faith - they have zeal, etc.  They are extra blessed by God, IMO, as prodigal children and because they make a conscious assent to turn away from heresy and to the faith.  So God bless the converts, and I ask their efficacious prayers.

The key is the formation.  Badly formed converts make bad Catholics just like badly formed priests make bad priests.  When you put zeal together with poor formation in Catechism and Church History, you get problems.

The other problem is shaking the Protestant worldview.  Heck, I still have problems (as Vetus will be happy to point out) shaking the NO worldview and coming to a traditional Catholic one, and I was raised Catholic.  However, no one is making them shake that Protestant worldview, and things that would help like the traditional Calendar and Liturgy aren't there for them.  It's hard to keep a Lutheran view of liturgy at the TLM; not so hard at the NO, for example.

Convert or cradle, most of the people in the NO pews are victims of Modernists and the shirking of duty on the part of the bishops, pastors, etc.  Christ will hold the bad-un's accountable, but in the meantime we need to keep promoting the traditional faith to everyone.
Without writing an autobiography, suffice it to say I am very familiar with evangelical protestants. My Grand-Father and an Uncle were baptist preachers. I converted at 15, I am 55 now. When I read Shea or Hahn or any of the many EWTN type converts I continue to see the protestant slant firmly entrenched in their theology. I often wonder is this by accident or by choice? If those with a desire to weaken and pervert the Catholic Church do so from without the effects are minimal. If the same assault comes from within, wrapped in pretty paper with a bow on top the effect can be devastating.
  I find Mr. Voris to be spot on as to the problems within the Church. I find his detractors perhaps worried they are losing ground easily won.

Just sayin!  :)

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