Thorn of Christ's Crown Given to Orthodox in France
Thorn of Christ's Crown Given to Orthodox in France
Editor: earlier this month, it was reported that the lance that pierced Christ's side was found.  Now, we find his crown, a thorn with a precious reliquary, being part of an ecumenical gesture in France.

The Society  of the Helpers of the Holy Souls consigned the Seminary of the Russian Orthodox Diocese for France a priceless reliquary which contained the thorn from the crown of Jesus.

Paris - Vienna ( Cardinal Franz König's traces arrive now in France as the gesture of an ecumenical friendship between the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Church:  The Society of helpers [A Religious Society founded in 1856 in France] consigned the Russian Orthodox Seminar for the Diocese of France Epinay-sous-Senart a priceless reliquary,  which according to Tradition contained a thorn from the crown of Jesus.  The massive silver reliquary holds a quartz crystal with the thorn.  During the French Revolution the reliquary was sent next to Prague and later to Vienna.  Cardinal Franz König gave the reliquary in 1960 to the Society of the Helpers.

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