The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to St Matthew narrated in RAP mus
This is farce and it is going far too far, may even border in blasphemy: --

The Gospel in RAP music

A Philippine bishop has suggested and even approved that on Palm Sunday "The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew." locally known as the traditional Pabasa ng Pasyon be rendered in hip-hop tunes, but the faithful should be prepared to delve deeper into the mysteries of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the country marks Palm Sunday, Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez said Saturday.

Iñiguez said the Pabasa (the popular Tagalog verse narrative of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection) could be sung using popular modern tunes like rap music to enhance its appeal, particularly among younger generations.  (Like having the congregation clapping and dancing to the music in the seriousness of the narrative?)

“That is okay as long as it helps in reaching more people... so that more people would listen and they can reflect on it,” Iñiguez said.  (Now, really, more people are being reached because of Eminem's music?)

“We should remember that the singing or the tune is just an aid so that we could listen to it more closely... so that we may listen to what is being read,” he said.  (Groan -- how about getting distracted?))
Oh, all the bullshit heterodox bishops do to attract the "younger generation..."

How is it that Catholicism survived for 2000 years without catering to the younger generation?

They don't go because the Novus Ordo is a waste of time and resources.  I've literally never once had a desire to go to the Novus Ordo.

After having discovered tradition and the TLM, well, things started to change.

Plus, shitty-as-hell catechesis.  If Jesus loves me no matter what, why bother going to Mass?  Right? 
What's there to say?

It's so ridiculous it deserves no comment.

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