Is there an ideal pre-vatican II nation state still in existence?
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(04-18-2011, 08:01 PM)Crusader_Philly Wrote: I wish Spain was still as it was under Franco. I would move to that Spain in a heartbeat.

Unless you were Basque

Not all basques were lefitsh revolutionaries.

Not all Basques persecuted by Generalissimo were leftist revolutionaries.

In the northwest of the United States there is a rather large Basque community.  Many of them of my parent’s generation were immigrants who came over to work as shepherds.  They were industrious and pious people who prospered and often went on to own their own flocks and other agricultural enterprises.  Perhaps economic opportunity was a primary reason for the migration (I really don’t know) but I do know that they were happy to have fled life under Franco, when often they were not allowed to openly speak their own language or pass on their culture.  They were expected to forget that they were Basque.  In my experience they were extremely devout Catholics, and not in just a cultural sense.  If the church doors were open, if there was a Mass, a Rosary, a procession, or any other devotion, the Basque were there.

My one problem with el Caudillo is that he was totally opposed to the Catholic doctrine of subsidiarity on a societal level. He adopted the Falangist slogan ¡Espana, Una, Grande y Libre! (Spain, One, Great and Free). This led to suppression of cultures such as the Basques as well as the Catalans, without regard to their ideology or attachment to the Church.

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