Biotechnology: Limits to Morally Licit Practice
With the brewing 2012 NJ Senate race and the march of technology in general (e.g., cells from aborted fetuses are now used to taste-test engineered flavors), the concept of biotechnology will gain a more direct role in our lives.

Much of the work in this field has been done since the time that Church's leaders went off rails of the Faith.  One aspect of life that we often encounter is vaccinations, however few know that some innoculations are produced with tissue from abortions.  SSPX has pointed this out and the Vatican has given confusing guidence on how to procede with this.

I couldn't find a thread that had an open discussion on biotechnology and what consistitutes acceptable areas of research.
It is certainly something that needs to be thought about, and conclusions have to be drawn from the information collected.

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