Now this is an Altar of Repose
[Image: 215527_10150175914107258_507682257_67662...6972_n.jpg]
Beautiful. Where is it?
Wow that's incredible
Aren't they supposed to have fewer flowers since it's a time of sorrow? It's quite beautiful and I love it, but I still thought it was supposed to be more simple.
It's at the St. Benedict Center in Still River, MA. They do this every year. If I am not mistaken after the Good Friday service they remove this and bring out Jesus in the tomb...

[Image: 15307_385997547257_507682257_3748904_6227059_n.jpg]
I cannot directly embed them, but here are some images of St. Francis de Sales Oratory and their Altar of Repose:

Also, from 2007, a video of the Maundy Thursday procession:

In Christo Rege,

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