Wood stoves
We have a wood stove. I am considering when we move next, in getting a wood cooking range. Like this:
[Image: index-ironheart-over.jpg]

Does anyone have experience in these stoves. The one I was most interested in is the Ironheart. But it has a disclaimer that it is not made for everyday use. So I would have to opt for another model.


One thing I have heard is a set back is that these stoves get very, very hot. That is somewhat concerning. Otherwise, I am looking into things that would work without electricity.
Actually, at the risk of exposing myself ...    :grandpa:  When I was growing up, that is what was commonly used.  Ours was VERY fancy, it also had a "back-boiler" that heated one bedroom and an "hot press" (American English = linen closet).


The old combination gas/wood stoveslike the Detroit Jewel might be your best bet. Gas stoves are the BEST for cooking, but you can use wood if the gas goes out. I see several of them on craigslist for about $1000. Like this:
Check with Mr. T first.  We have a wood stove, and it uses a fair amount of wood up.  About as much as my back can take if we use it for most of a season.  If you're cooking on it regularly at all, you'll need a boatload of wood.

Just trying to save Mr. T's back.  ;)

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