Upcoming Latin Mass by Vermont Bishop
Special Event ~ Bishop Matano has decided that he will celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Mass here at Blessed Sacrament Church on Sunday, May 22nd at 10.30am. This will replace the normal 10.30am Mass. The Extraordinary Form, sometimes mistakenly called the "Latin Mass" is the Old Rite of Mass, now one of the two forms of Mass celebrated in the Church. This was the Mass celebrated in the Church for more than 1500 years, until the changes of 1969. It will be a very different experience for many - but an experience you should try!

This is in Stowe, Vermont

If you're in or near that part of VT, go to this Mass.  It's important to show bishops that we support the Mass and are interested in it.  This is a good opportunity to do so. :)
salus could you pm me next time there's a TLM in VT? I'd like to go but I totally missed this thread and I need to plan in advance. Thanks! Hope it goes well, is well attended, and that there'll be many more!!!!

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