Where do dioceses get the $ to pay the settlements?
Where does all the money come from for the church to make these huge settlements? How much is it form the parishoners collection at mass?
In my diocese, Catholic grade schools have had to close down or be consolidated with other schools and parishes have had to sell some property. Or, at least, they've been contemplating selling some property. In one of my diocese's biggest cases, the lawsuit was brought agains the specific parish, not against the diocese as a whole. I'm not sure how much, if any, of the settlement is paid for by collection money, though.
I can't see how money donated via the collection plate does not end up getting used, in one way or another, to pay off these settlements.

What a travesty this entire nightmare has become. Of course many were abused. But, I'm quite certain that a lot of this money is being paid out for false claims and who knows what the lawyers are making on these lawsuits. One almost has to wonder if the infiltration of homosexuals was planned for three end results; to first try and destroy the Faith, despoil the Church, and create wounds in order to capitalize on it by helping to bend Her will and make Holy Mother Church better embrace the world.

In other words, was it a high-tech Reformation? Well planned out? I suppose it really doesn't matter in the end. The problem exists and it has to be dealt with in the current reality.

I believe insurance paid for some of it  and im sure parish sales and borrowing money. I did hear about one diocese that can't get insurance anymore. I think these guys and bishops should have went to jail instead of paying out this money.

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