New traditional bishop in Indiana
I just thought I would alert readers to a written interview conducted with Bishop Paul Petko, near Indianapolis, Indiana.  It can be found at  It is not very long.  Remember him in your prayers. 

A new, sedevacantist bishop in Indiana.

Whoopee.  ::)
I thought that was an interesting interview. It was meant to be pro-sedevacantism and instead shows everything that is wrong with sedevacantism.

Here we have a priest who was ordained no less than three times, every time finding out that his previous ordinations were invalid or doubtful. I wonder how long it will take until he considers his current ordinations invalid. And did he write to all those people who confessed to him, that he invalidly absolved?
The last time he was ordained, the bishop who ordained him had never met him before. The fact that the bishop chatted with him for three hours before the ordination is regarded as a proof of how meticulous this bishop selects his candidates. Only one month later, the same bishop consecrated him a bishop. So now we have a bishop who had functioned exactly one month as a validly ordained priest (in his own mind). What a track record!

It is also interesting that the interviewer asks him on how he was forced to say the Novus Ordo by the FSSP, presuming that this is a simple fact. However, the priest/bishop beats around the bush on how liberal the FSSP is but  (kudos for his honesty)  never actually says that he was forced to say the Novus Ordo.
Quote:One man who has risen up to ecclesiastical ladder comes to mind. He was an Eastern Rite Franciscan who was told not to even wear his habit because the faculty did not want him to call “attention” to himself. Although he was rather conservative, the faculty left him alone, since he was kind of a “guest” there, and they were doing his Ordinary a “service” by educating him. We were also good friends.

I wonder who that man is.  Maybe Bishop John Kudrick of Parma (Ohio), who was a Third Order Franciscan?


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