Crush the Society of Pius -- Abort from Germany
Crush the Society of Pius -- Abort from Germany
Editor: Previously last week, the Society of Saint Pius X organized a substantial demonstration at the abortion clinic run by the Nazi-founded abortion provider ironically named 'pro familia'. Apparently, this angered some of the local leftist hooligans who decided to vandalize the chapel there.

The Catholic Mass Celebrated in Freiburg-Adelhausen

Why are the leftists all so eager for violence? Rather than explaining the left position with arguments, why not do it with a black eye instead?

( The anonymous and anti-Constitutional website '' made this known yesterday:

"Early today we covered the chapel 'Saint Antonius of Padua' belonging to the clerical-fascist Society of Pius in Betzenhausen with pink and purple paint."

Betzenhausen is a part of the city of Freiburg.
Repeat of the 20s.  But I doubt it leads to a reaction.  Germany is too far gone, I imagine.  Maybe I am wrong.

The left is the party of evil, violence, and hate.  They are the party of powerful government, it is what defines them.  So only they can kill on  a mass scale.  Russia, China, Cambodia, National Socialism.  Over 100 Million murders.
How Catholic of them.  ::)
I went and looked at the origina source "" website.
Apparently a couple of people threw some pink and purple paint on the SSPX chapel (which looks like a little house) in Freiburg and then bragged about it on a website.

They were upset because the SSPX protested at an abortion clinic under police protection. (The paint throwers called the police "pigs" - how 1970s)

They were also upset about the "patriarchal bourgeois society and the" ... .. ... whoops, sorry I got bored just writing that...
At the end they said "Destroy the SSPX. Abort Germany."
Funny how the hard left bandies about the "fascist" epithet when they're every bit as "fascist" as the hard right.  I've heard Fascism and Communism described as "fratricidal siblings",,,so true.

So they painted the SSPX chapel pink and purple, eh?  Probably a bunch of radical left homos.  It's obvious why gay groups would hate the SSPX, but I can't figure out why so many are pro-abort.  Guess it never occurred to them that some of them might have been aborted if their mothers had known they'd grow up gay.

Is it just me or does evil and hatred of God seem to be growing at an exponential rate in this world?  :pray:
Another lesson in tolerance and love by the living exemplars of all altruistic virtue.
(05-06-2011, 05:36 PM)wsxyz Wrote: They were also upset about the "patriarchal bourgeois society and the" ... .. ... whoops, sorry I got bored just writing that...

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