My first Latin mass
3 in a row, without going to the NO at all, not once. 

I drive 45 min each way with my crazy family, often more than once a week.  Going to the reverant NO down the street, just. isn't. an. option.  It is a completely different reality.
I remember the first time I went, it was when the Latin Mass community were still at the commentary in San Diego. I had trouble getting there (this is obviously before iphone) so not only had I never been to it but I was also late.

Wow was I confused. I did not know what to do, I felt completely lost and yet at the same time there it was that music that strikes straight in the soul. I could not understand a word of it and yet there it was beautiful calling me home. The next couple of weeks I returned to my NO Parish what had been for me unpleasant with the NO after my first TLM was now unbearable. On he fourth week I decided I could no longer go to another NO Mass in its current form it was simply too painful.
(05-08-2011, 08:50 PM)KBernadette Wrote: 3 in a row, without going to the NO at all, not once. 

I drive 45 min each way with my crazy family, often more than once a week.  Going to the reverant NO down the street, just. isn't. an. option.  It is a completely different reality.
The last sentence.
Alright I will do it, everyone keeps saying 3 times so 3 it is....I was already planning for next Sunday to go to the high mass.  Hopefully someday something will come a little closer but its great to know I have an option. I can already tell a NO mass won't be the same again. I have watched many Latin masses and felt called to it but actually going there really set me on fire. I just can't believe in my 47 years that this was hidden from me. What started my interest is a EF high mass on EWTN and my first thought was that mass should be that way all the time
(05-08-2011, 05:42 PM)Rob64 Wrote: I finally did it today. I attended my first Latin mass

Get the Douay
(05-09-2011, 10:44 AM)Ptochos Wrote: Get the Douay Rheims Bible on CD or cassette for the ride. My old car has a cassette player and I got the entire Douay Rheims on ebay for about $25. It makes my 30 minute drive go much faster.
I suggest the CD form of "Open Letter To Confused Catholics" by Archbishop Lefebvre.
Now comes the "revealing" stuff. Once you attend the TLM, you find yourself asking questions about it. You can't help it. This is because of it's beautiful nature. It is because you are not praying in Mass. You are praying the Mass.
Naturally you have to investigate the origins of the TLM, and wonder: How the heck did the Novus Ordo mass virtually "replace" in-practice  the Traditional Latin Mass?
Then you dig deeper, you start reading, and you open a can of worms. At this stage, they will say that you are treading "radical, extreme, borderline schismatic" tendencies. That it's best that you go with the flow and if you go to another TLM, just enjoy it superficially.
Guess what? You can't! Because It is the most beautiful, authentic, proven and real way to adore Christ. To be in His presence. You will be kidding only yourself if you go back to the Novus Ordo mass after attending just one TLM.
It does not end there...oh no. Somehow your life changes. I mean spiritually and socially. You will realize that you have been living in a "spiritual trance" all these years. Because the second part to this is: Doctrine.
Your way of living will take a turn for the best.  You will want to know the truth! The doctrinal aspects behind the TLM and Novus ordo are polarized. Hence, watch out for priests that offer the TLM and the Novus Ordo mass.
The reason being: The Sermon. That's where the "chickens come home to roost". Watch out for: False ecumenism, extraordinary means of salvation for non-catholics, invitations to the Novus ordo. No mention of confession, penance or hell.
Just the mere fact that in the Novus ordo mass one kneels only 3 times. One can construe from that fact: people in the Novus ordo don't believe in the real presence of Christ in that mass.
Again, You would be lying to yourself if you go back to the Novus ordo. Congratulations. You are home.


Thanks to all for your help and resources. I do have a lot to learn. Sunday I'm going there again and to the high mass. I have been thinking these past few days on how I can permanently keep doing the drive by buying a gas efficient car and cutting spending other ways. I can already tell the NO mass will be different after what I saw. I belong to the WAF in the area where I live and I told an older gentleman I went to a low Latin mass, he knew what I was talking about but then asked whats a low mass?  The main thing I'm dealing with is how could this mass that was celebrated for almost two thousand years be so hidden from us. Its like erasing your entire history and never talking about it again. Something is just not right about that. Better late than never.

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