The Consecration Now conference
(06-04-2011, 02:37 PM)mikemac Wrote: I still haven't had time to watch all the videos from The Consecration Now conference.  But Father Gruner shared some good news in his most recent news letter.  Below are some excerpts from it.

Quote:This has been a week of FIRSTS!

For the first time, a Vatican Cardinal came to our conference.  Cardinal Renato Martino sat among us and listened intently as we made our case for the Consecration of Russia.

As Cardinal Martino was leaving ... he stopped, looked directly at me, took my hand and said "CORAGGIO!" - COURAGE.

As a veteran Vatican journalist who addressed the conference said later:
"Something has changed in Rome."

And here's another first: 4 BISHOPS SPOKE!

They were unanimous in their conclusion:

Bishops are telling fellow bishops:  We must act Now!

Our Lady's Apostolate now has episcopal supporters in Europe, Africa, Asia, South and Central America - bishops convinced that delaying the consecration is not an option.

It is as though the Church is beginning to wake up after a long sleep ...

The Church may be ready to turn to Our Lady!

This was said by prominent Vatican journalist Paolo Rodari, co-author with Andrea Tornielli, of Attack on Ratzinger.  And this brings me to another first:


And these journalists dropped bombshell after bombshell!

Rodari noted all the contradictions in "official" interpretations of the Fatima Message.  And then, his bombshell;

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said the prophecy of Fatima is only "partially fulfilled!"

Astounding!  The Cardinal said this to a TV journalist just days before we arrived in Rome.

"I think there is a will to say something." Rodari said, meaning that the Cardinal knows more than he is telling now.

And then Tornielli dropped his bombshell.  The famous statement of Paul VI, whose biography Tornielli is writing, about the "smoke of satan entering the Church" is about the Third Secret of Fatima!

Tornielli said that Paul VI was referring to priests who break their vow of celibacy or betray their faith and that he linked these things to the Fatima prophecy.

Another first.  We had never heard of before!

Not only were we hearing these things.  So was all of Rome.

The truth long ignored, is now in the spotlight.  Fatima is in the news!  Fatima can never be ignored again!  Fatima is NOW!

We cannot rest until the Consecration is done - and soon!

Our work will not be done until the Pope and the bishops, in unison, say a 5-minute prayer consecrating Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart as Our Lady and Our Lord requested.  Stay with me, and Our Lady until together, we make that happen.

Father Gruner ended this news letter by saying "We made tremendous progress" but "We went for broke" with the cost of the Consecration Now conference and he was asking for support.  In my personal opinion there is not another apostolate that has furthered the progress of the message of Fatima.  I believe Father Gruner needs and deserves our support.  If you would like to help you can do so here. 

That's where I read that Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is having second thoughts about Fatima, in a newsletter from Father Gruner after the 2011 conference in Rome.  I knew I read it some where.

At about 32:30 minutes in the English translation of this May 2011 video in Rome the independent Vatican observer, Paolo Rodari says that just a couple of days prior the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone during an interview with a leading Italian TV channel said the prophecy of Fatima is only "partially fulfilled!".  Rodari suggests that there's a change in Rome regarding Fatima, that there's a will to say something.

That's quite the change when you consider that Cardinal Bertone was previously saying that Fatima was in the past.
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(06-06-2012, 10:03 PM)Miles Christi Wrote: The Consecration was imperfect. It has to be done in union with all the Bishops.

Which makes me think it will never happen.  I know of at least a few bishops who would scoff at the idea.

Sr Lucy was perfectly clear on the issue. Of course she knew, like the Pope, that a number of bishops are reluctant (to say the least) or blatantly opposing the Consecration. She said that the Pope only has to summon ALL the world's bishop by mail to perform the Consecration in their dioceses in the same time as himself, and the Consecration will be properly done, even if only one single  bishop complies to the Pope's order. She added that the other will be accounted by God of their disobedience.

This is my understanding of what the consecration would require. Why this simple requirement has been consistently ignored is one of the mysteries of Fatima. 

My opinion is that the Pope will consecrate Russia when the Church will be in a dire situation and when everything will look as lost, like the king of France Louis XVI made the consecration of his kingdom to the Sacred Heart of Jesus: He was in jail.

Great points, good thread. 

MikeMac do you believe if this has to do with the attacks on Cardinal Bertone?  I am now of the opinion that the orchestrated attacks from the
Pope´s enemies against Bertone maybe do to Fatima.  I pray for Bertone, something about these Vaticanleaks doesn´t add up.
(06-08-2012, 02:36 PM)Don Quixote Wrote: Great points, good thread. 

MikeMac do you believe if this has to do with the attacks on Cardinal Bertone?  I am now of the opinion that the orchestrated attacks from the
Pope´s enemies against Bertone maybe do to Fatima.  I pray for Bertone, something about these Vaticanleaks doesn´t add up.

I hope you are right Don Quixote.  I don't know for sure but I certainly hope and pray that the attacks from the Pope's enemies against Bertone are to do with Fatima.  If they are because both Pope Benedict and Cardinal Bertone are now having second thoughts about Fatima then it would certainly give us a spark of optimism.  And it would show that the enemies of Fatima are becoming fewer and fewer in the Curia.

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