Happy Solemnity of St. Joseph!
(05-13-2011, 11:20 PM)Adam Wayne Wrote: Thanks, aquinas138. I use the Benziger Brothers 1950 edition in English. Now for the Easter Octave, we were using Sunday Psalms for a week. I think this is where the confusion started for me. Not to mention the Triduum Offices.

But, when I go to look up the hymn for Lauds in the Common, sometimes I'm presented with Antiphons for the Common and told to pray Sunday Psalms with the Antiphons for the Common of the Feast. But, there is no direction in the Ordo. Yet, Divinum Officium will pull hymns, versicles and responses, and Little Chapters from the Common, yet they will use the Psalter for the day and the Antiphon Proper to the Season. This is my major source of cofusion. I basically have an English version of Divino Afflatu. But, maybe these are little changes that emerged. I really don't know. 

As I said before, or at least tried to impart, I thought the Antiphons for the Common and the Sunday Psalms were more in line with the tone of the feast of Ss. Nereus, Achilleus, Domitilla, and Pancras. But, I'm not challenging, I just want to pray it properly. In case you haven't figured it out, I'm getting quite a good dose of Sunday Psalms. And not necessarily a bad thing for a novice such as myself. Lots of mystery to unveil, and each time I read the same Psalm in a different Feast, more light comes my way. But, I do need to start hitting those weekday Psalms to start getting to know them as well as Sunday's. 

As aquinas138 mentioned, the ferial psalter is generally used for Feasts, except for the "excepted Feasts", all Doubles of the I or II class, and for a few Feasts at both Vespers, sometimes Matins, and Lauds (St. Lucy, St. Agnes, St. Agatha, Ss. John and Paul, St. Martin, St. Cecilia, St. Clement), where proper Antiphons are given. This was the main reform with Divino Afflatu. Before 1911, everything was from the Common on Feasts, which meant that the ferial Psalms were rarely said, so with the addition of so many Feasts to the calendar, some Psalms were only said a few times a year.

And if you thought the Sunday Psalms throughout the Easter Octave was fun, just wait until Pentecost and the Octaves of Corpus Christi and the Sacred Heart. ;D

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