Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
It is an excellent document. It is dry and legalistic, unemotional and merely informative. All of the stipulations and rules in it are excellent.

As for the seminaries, I also would have liked a simple order. However, I think the PCED people behind this are smarter. For one thing, ordering the seminaries to teach this would have placed the instruction of the TLM into the hands of old men (and probably women) who hate it, and is that who you want teaching the fresh, new seminarians how to celebrate the TLM? The PCED are well aware that there are good seminaries and there are rotten seminaries, just as there are good bishops and rotten bishops. What will happen now will CLARIFY and distinguish and basically create two almost visibly-distinguishable classes: those who came from good seminaries, and those who did not. This visible difference is very important for us in the Church today. What do you think will happen when ecclesiastical charges have to be given, and two candidates show up, one with a whole education, and the other with half? And all new synods, Vatican conferences designed to further understanding of the liturgy and the mass, and even the ordinary form will involve references, examinations, and studies on the extraordinary form, so if you are a young priest and you do not want to be excluded from massive sections of the career part of your life, you will learn it, or have a professional ceiling placed above you. And as for good seminarians in bad seminaries, they will go to good ones, separating again the wheat from the chaff, or they will go to the many available workshops and meet excellent TLM seminarians from the many different corners of the world that they come from now. The document leaves the dead to bury the dead, the old, frustrated order to diminish itself by itself, and frees all those with good will to come out and forge the inevitable future.

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