Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-13-2011, 08:02 AM)Cetil Wrote: A Carmelite over at CAF is whining that some part of the seminary curriculum would have to be chucked in order to offer Latin classes. (?) (!)

Hah.  Cry me a river.  As someone who has studied alongside many seminarians, priests, and religious pursuing STLs and STDs I can say that this is not a problem.  The curriculum is brimming with Rahner, de Lubac, and von Balthasar, giving only cursory mention to St. Thomas, and reimagining all of the Church Fathers, most especially St. Augustine, in light of their doctrines.  There are exceptions, but they are very rare.

Adjusting curriculum to include Latin does two things:  It, hopefully, removes the seminarian from at least some untruths which would be taught in its place, and it creates a natural doorway to traditionalism and the Church's past (and thus true character).

At any rate, we can't expect big changes in the Church or the abrogation of the NO until every seminarian is required to learn the TLM.  That will be the first sign that the Church, or at least God, is putting the pieces back together for a total rejection and purging of Modernism, the "new springtime", and everything which Vatican II has wrought.


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