Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
My thoughts (somewhat disjointed). I preface by saying I think this will do good for the Church. It is positive in that the Novus Ordo has a further prodding to get its act together. I, however, see much that drags the document down into the same mire we’ve been in since at least the 60s. I also give complete honor to the Holy Father as Pope and Vicar of Christ, and offer this criticism in accordance with canons 211- 214. So:

The Holy Fathers have been obsessed with the 1962 missal and the proto-Novus Ordo Holy Week which it contains. This is partially the faults of the SSPX which accepted this Missal alone without any provision for the traditional Holy Week. I think it’s high time for traditionalists to assert that they have a right to pray the traditional Holy Week and not the committee created one.

He admits the old missal is ancient tradition, but expresses no indignation such tradition has been treated like an old rage to be thrown out. No indignation that there were “indults” issued which gave the impression that the Mass was abrogated but he admits was never abrogated. And most bishops aren’t going to do what you yourself aren’t doing. Does he lead with his own liturgies? Does he practice what he preaches?

I dislike the extraordinary and ordinary false distinction. Sure it is being used by many, but it is essentially false and links the true Mass with such things as lay people handing out communion. The old rite is the authentic traditional Roman Rite. The new rite is the false creation of Vatican busy-bodies. Everybody on both sides admitted it was a new creation at the time, a break with tradition. Traditionalists should see this as another document trying to pass-off this farse as somehow Catholic. This blatant falsity is reiterated in number 7, in which the Holy Father has the audacity to state what everyone knows otherwise. You can’t fairytale wish the rupture to go away. In fact the rupture was so strong that by the age of 24 (in 2002) I NEVER KNEW THE TRADITIONAL MASS EVER EXISTED. He makes a statement at the end of the quote which seems positive, but it is prefaced by the absurd. The rupture is so strong you, Holy Father, are having trouble getting the people back on board after 50 years of rupture, rupture, rupture.

See, this document is solidifying that the traditional Mass is a museum “treasure” which we can  view whenever we want, not promoting that it is the authentic Roman Rite passed on from St Peter.

And number 19 wishes to shut down debate on true questions about the New Mass, its validity or legitimacy, and place another barrier between Catholics of good will. These question are vital questions of our time which need to be debated. We know this to be true since they changed the Novus Ordo texts to address just these questions! (I do not advocate Sedevacantism nor do I advocate the invalidity of the New Mass at all times, but I advocate that it is illicit and was beyond the bounds of the Holy Fathers authority to impose it on the people.)

I understand the Holy Father needs to treat lightly as he implements his reforms, but this is weak. And weakness doesn’t win the day. A few bishops will react, but where I live in Mahonyville, there will be nothing, because they do that bare minimum and the Vatican doesn’t do anything. It’s been the same story since the 60s.

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