Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
I would just like to point something out. Gerard has a gift for making ironic and tongue-in-cheek statements, and I don't know if or to what extent he was doing so when earlier he spoke about how anyone with a bishop that is against SP should basically be in the SSPX chapels, but I do want to say that, joking or serious, there is something deadly and profoundly right about what he was saying, and I think the Holy Father knows it and intends it. Now, do not get me wrong: I am not talking about exactly what Gerard said, but really about an implication of what he said. Given the wording of SP and the wording of the Instruction ("Magisterium of the Roman Pontiff," for example), and given the various explanations and answers given by Vatican officials over the years concerning the liceity of attending SSPX chapels, and given the fact that for years now the SSPX hierarchy have been simply supportive and obedient of the Pope, it is clear that all are on a level playing field here. The pope knows and expects us to learn that full spiritual communion with the Church depends on our filial obedience to his directives, and that there is a difference between this spiritual, fundamental communion and institutional communion. And right now, there are many NO bishops who are simply not in communion with the pope, and we do no owe them our obedience. They may enjoy the appearance of communion simply because they have not been ejected structurally from the Church, but to the extent they demonstrate resistance to SP and the Instruction, they demonstrate their separation from the One Vine, with its One Vicar on earth. In contrast, while praising SP, the SSPX hierarchy is exercising great restraint where criticism of the NO is concerned. The result: they are spiritually, and therefore truly in communion with the pope, and I agree with Gerard's conclusion, joking or not, and I would even go farther: anyone in a diocese with such self-excommunicating bishops must seek elsewhere if at all possible, and not be bothered by qualms of conscience due to the slowness of institutional communion to manifest itself.

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