Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
What could he do? Well we do have a model of a Pope which came down hard and it helped the Church. In fact the twin pillars of Pius V and Pius X were just those types of Popes. And in a sense the Novus Ordo is riding on the remnant benefits which they helped create. There is very little post 1962 fruit that they are riding on. So there is precedent for a Pope benefiting the Church through a strong approach. Now Benedict is not that type of Pope for sure. He's a man of the council. And it doesn't have to be fire and brimstone either, but much more is called for. Just a little indignation please. A little whipping of the money changers please. Plus as I criticized in my post, I think his designs are not fully for the traditional Mass. He is for it as a museum piece and maybe some day everyone finding a middle path in a mish-mash of the two missals. I can say right now that won't work and will prolong a restoration. I would be more happy if he allowed the TM in the vernacular, and had the TM in Latin and vernacular coexisting. Time will show the NO will die the death.

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