Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-13-2011, 01:20 PM)maldon Wrote: I would just like to point something out. Gerard has a gift for making ironic and tongue-in-cheek statements, and I don't know if or to what extent he was doing so when earlier he spoke about how anyone with a bishop that is against SP should basically be in the SSPX chapels, but I do want to say that, joking or serious, there is something deadly and profoundly right about what he was saying...

You know, it started out as my sarcastic side coming out, but as I mulled it over while writing I realized that it seriously could apply to a justification for the resistance to the Crisis in the Church.  I have no idea whether the Pope intended to be that subtle and use the modernist language to our advantage, but I did think that God is taking their ambiguity and allowing us to shove it down their throats at this point. 

I was pointing out with a friend last night the most incredible characteristic of liberalism is its hypocrisy, claims of tolerance with intolerance towards those that don't believe in their brand of tolerance.  I think at least some of the battle for truth and tradition is going to be a turning of their own weapons against them to make their contradictions and hypocrisy manifestly obvious. 

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