Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-13-2011, 02:53 PM)JayneK Wrote: I found Fr. Z's comments on section 28 very helpful:
Quote:Derogate means that things are partially replaced, set aside.  So, insofar as the use of the 1962 books is concerned, if there is something that came into law after 1962, and that thing or practice conflicts with what is in the 1962 books, then those later, post-1962 things don’t apply to the use of the 1962 books.

Communion in the hand is after 1962, as are Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, altar girls….  As read this, and I checked with canonists, since the employment females substituting for Instituted Acolytes came with an interpretation of the 1983 Code, you cannot have altar girls for the Extraordinary Form which was in 1962 carried out by all male ministers and servers.  This would then probably apply to other issues such as the substitution of music, the use of proper vestments and choir dress, who gives which blessings, etc.
Fr Z did a whole post just on UE 28 and the NO practices under law that will not apply to the 1962 missal.

He also did one on Chapel Veils and the NO practices. Since it was never part of the mass rubrics and contained in the Code of Canon law, UE doesn't obligate the use of them. However Cardinal Burke has said that in the spirit of the motu proprio, women should wear veils because it was the custom of the rite.

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