Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-13-2011, 04:44 PM)Bakuryokuso Wrote: There are Trads who refuse to participate in FE because these sort of close-minded comments are given free reign. I defer to Quis in terms of running the site the way he sees fit, but if you think I’m gonna say nothing when Vetus spouts his ridiculousness, you’re fooling yourself.

When we allow nonsense like this, just bitter spite against the Holy Father, to crop up unchallenged on FE, then we’re just giving more reasons to otherwise well-meaning Catholics to write off Traditionalists (and, thus, Tradition) as un-Catholic gibberish. I think it needs to stop. Trads need to grow up and forget this black-and-white cold-hearted thinking we can be so prone to.

I saw some comments the other day (not from Vetus) that I considered "Jewish race-baiting" and I said nothing.  I was wondering afterwards, if I did the right thing, precisely for the reason you give.  Leaving it unchallenged makes it look like a trad position. But I was really at a loss for what to say.  It was just so unreasonable that I did not know where to begin.  I suppose I could have made a simple statement of " I disagree with this".  But if I went through FE posting every time I disagreed with something, I would not be able to do anything else.

FE is what it is.  There is freedom for a wide range of views to be expressed here.  That has advantages and disadvantages. Right now, I am hyper-aware of the impression that we make on non-trads because recently my husband has started reading FE.  Few things would make me happier than for him to develop an appreciation for Catholic tradition.  It is gut-wrenching to see him turned off by comments here from trads.  Nevertheless I stand behind the moderation policy set in place by Vox and Quis that allows such things.

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