Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
Ok, so several thoughts here.

One......jeez, people, take what you can get, will ya?  How quickly do you think he can go?  Permission to do the Triduum according to the old rite.....not enough for you?  Hell, it was only with SP that the Church told us we weren't all heretics for liking the TLM.

Second, do you really think the average Catholic is ever going to even hear about this, much less be affected by it?  On FE, we live for this stuff........but the guy in the pew is not checking the Vatican website for fresh encyclicals.  This is a 2 sentence item on CNN, and then back to the real news.

Third, the bishops won't violate it.  They'll just ignore it.  Like it never happened.  And there are none to say them nay.

Fourth, same for priests who came of age in the 70s and 80s.  Experience tells me they ain't changin'.

Fifth, couldn't agree more about the failure of catechesis and the utter repression of anything TLM related.  I've said it before on this forum, but......I was raised Catholic, got all my sacraments, went to CCD, went to an expensive private Catholic high school and an expensive private Catholic college, and I was 39 years old before I knew the Mass was ever in Latin!!!!

I say give the Pope the benefit of the doubt here.  He's doing what he can, and it's way more than has been done by anyone else since the reforms.

From my phone.....forgive any typos.

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