Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-13-2011, 11:28 AM)Scriptorium Wrote: The Holy Fathers have been obsessed with the 1962 missal and the proto-Novus Ordo Holy Week which it contains. This is partially the faults of the SSPX which accepted this Missal alone without any provision for the traditional Holy Week. I think it’s high time for traditionalists to assert that they have a right to pray the traditional Holy Week and not the committee created one.
While we didn’t lose ground with this document, I don’t know quite how much we really gained.  

I see this more as a hold; a no-hitter in the sense that each team failed to rack up any runs before the game was called due to darkness.

Also, I completely agree that the issue of the untouched, pre-Bugnini liturgy sadly went unaddressed, but ought to have been.  I understand the strategy that SSPX employed in mandating the 1962 books.  But given the fact that ICKSP has permission to use the pre-1955 rite, and they are in perfect ‘full canonical union’ with the Holy See, the situation seems paradoxical: The stalwarts and proven heroes of defending Tradition have become boxed in to defending a Bugnini creation.

Regarding the section on adding post-1962 Saints…  This is a big, dirty, and scary can of worms.

I wish the Vatican left this one alone (and instead addressed a more approachable matter I mentioned in the above paragraph.)  The fact is that in the Vatican II era and ever since, there has been a very detectable rupture.  The process for determining Blesseds and Saints has been modified in core ways.

While I personally accept that those declared Saints in the post conciliar era (NB I do not accept all of the permitted Blessed cults however), the fact remains that the bar was substantially lowered.  So while I don’t doubt those declared Saints are Saints, I have serious issue with including them along side past ones.

This is sort of like how I would reject letting all graduates of some tough language program receive the same exact accolades even though some truly went far above and beyond while others were ‘sufficient.’  In an optimal setting, once the Church is pruned and Traditionalists account for the vast majority of the Church, a future Pope grounded in the historic Faith could re-examine the Saint process under JP II and fix some obvious problems (St. Maximilian Kolbe is a Saint, but he is not a martyr; trying to add this cherry on top was offensive to the great and heroic manner this Saint lived, and ended, his life.)  Personally I doubt we will have that chance.

The point is that I have serious objections to including new Saints in the old calendar, not because I doubt their Sainthood, but rather for concerns of proportionality.

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