Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-13-2011, 11:21 AM)Gerard Wrote: While the TLM may be much more prominent than it was in the early years.  The Novus Ordo on average is so much worse that it was in the early 70s.  I remember the reverence and care the priests took with the Eucharist in the early Novus Ordo days.  Incense, communion on the tongue at the altar rail.   In the late 70s into the 80s that reverence and care slipped away, due to the imposition of Communion in the Hand, Communion under both species, the simplication of vestments from decent looking to the nighgowns now so prominent.

While I have to agree with your statement because of the qualified words "on average," I would say that in many places in the world the new Mass is no worse than it was in the early 1970s.  Your perspective is a U.S. one; and is it safe to assume it's from somewhere on the east coast?  Sounds like your parish was one of the holdouts, but it was definitely not the norm for those days. 

Having been in various places in the U.S., and having lived, and traveled, outside the country during those years, I can tell you that the new Mass was horrendous back then in some parts of the world and is better now, having calmed down... somewhat.  It depends on the venue.

Places like Canada, Holland, Germany, and Belgium were very progressive immediately after the council ended, and the Mass was horrible.  And it wasn't necessarily the new Mass, either.  Before the new Mass arrived, things were awful. 

When I lived in Quebec, people used to smoke in Church during Mass.  Father K would stop Mass right before the canon and ask the people to put their cigarettes out.  I saw Masses where, when it came time for Holy Communion, the priest sat down, and the people processed up to the altar, picked up a Host, and dipped it into the chalice, self-communicating.  I also saw a wedding where, at Communion time, the priest sat down, and the bride and groom distributed. 

We had folk Masses, banners, guitars, dancing, Snoopy slideshows, the whole bit.  My parish stopped using the Communion rail in 1966, before the new Mass was ever promulgated.  In 1970, we had girls on the altar; shortly thereafter, the nuns from the grade school were distributing Holy Communion.  Communion in the hand was not allowed in the U.S. until the late 70s, but places like Canada and Holland had it long before we did.

The Mass, even before the new Mass, was horrible back then, depending on where you were.  It's not any better now, but in many places it most certainly is not worse because it was really bad back then.

On average, though, as you stated, it is worse now because the holdout parishes, and there were some (I can remember about seven or eight in my former diocese), eventually gave way to the changes.  The bad parishes became bad immediately, and the good ones eventually followed them, so the average of crazy incidents has increased.

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