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What year(s) did the major abuses start to take shape at the NO in these United States??
I find it ironic that Extraordinary Ministers didn't start showing up until after a directive called "Immensae Caritatis" in, I think it was January of 1973?? So up until that time laypeople were still kneeling at the Altar Rail and receving on the tongue by the ordained only?? What year did most dioceses take out the Communion Rails and introduce all those abuses to the Mass?? Did the "modernistic" churches that were constructed after 1966 include Altar Rails or no??
CITH may have started in Europe in 1969-70, but I don't think it really took hold until 1976-77 here in the states, is that correct???
Thanks in advance!

Everything was gradual and subtle from what I remember and from what I've been told by my siblings and parents. Very very slow change but constant from what I remember.  You were given only enough time to get used to the last change before the next one was promoted.  I remember intense practice sessions in the Church for recieving Communion in the Hand.  From my perspective we were taught in the early grades that "they changed everything for you!" and they would run down the TLM.  I remember this being prompted by our noticing that the priest pictured in the Baltimore Catechism did not look like what we were experiencing on alternate Fridays at Mass. That and the fact that as a class we were blatantly complaining about the pointlessness and boredom of the mass.  This was around 1975-76 that I remember that incident.   

Early on the "sign of peace" was originally one side of the Church slightly bowing to the other side and vice versa, and it gradually became a hugging orgy of people rollling around the aisles within 10 years. 
Each change was separated by a few years and "the cool priests" were the ones who were telling you to relax as they gave their sermons in the aisle and not from the pulpit.   The older folks did not help, they presented themselves as angry, mean and totally unpleasant.  It was inevitable to gravitate to the more friendly authorigy figures. 
In philadelphia Cardinal Krol was very slow to implement Vatican II, and when JPII came to Philadelphia it was reported that he gave Krol a dressing down about swifter implementation.    Schools began to have individual classroom masses, which in retrospect were litrugically abusive, the Baltimore Catechsims was abandoned.   Removing altar raisl was and still is partial.  Some Churches still have most or all of their altar raisl.  But altar rail destruction and new  construction without altar rails was all in the 1980s at its peak at least. 

And the real destruction was going on in earnest at the Universities run by the religious and out of the control of the local Ordinary.

The changes were incremental, but most of them certainly weren't gradual.  In fact, they were quite abrupt.  When my parish stopped using the Communion rail, in 1966, the change was very abrupt.  One Sunday we're kneeling for Holy Communion; the next Sunday we're standing.  That's not gradual at all. 

Ditto for the priest facing the people for Mass.  One Sunday he was facing away; the next Sunday he was facing the people.  Just like that!

My wife lived in Europe at the time, and she stated that, one Sunday, the young priest at the parish came out and made an announcement that "we have to do Mass differently from now on" and then proceeded to offer Mass facing the people.  Quite shocking for someone who is not accustomed to it.

Same thing for the disappearance of Latin, which was almost immediate and universal. 

The parish next to mine began building a new church in 1963 and completed it in 1964.  Keep in mind that this is several years before there ever was such a thing as "the new Mass."  You can see a picture of the sanctuary at the link.  The photo that is second from the bottom was taken in 1981, but that is the way the church looked in 1966.  Freestanding altar, no tabernacle.


You can see another parish built in 1966, several years before the new Mass, here:  http://www.rcuarchitects.com/projects/stbede/2.jpg

OLG, finished in 1970, the year the new Mass was repromulgated:  http://www.rcuarchitects.com/projects/ou...race/6.jpg.

Although the next two are only outside photos, the insides are just as awful.  Built in 1960 and 1969 respectively. 




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