Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-13-2011, 11:31 PM)DJR Wrote: Oh, Philadelphia.  Well, that makes sense.  Cardinal Krol was a decent man; he came from Cleveland and was one of the "Bishop Hoban men."

Interesting that you put up the links to those horrible looking churches.  One little phenomenon I've noticed in the last few years is that some of  the most orthodox of diocesan priests get put into the most modernist (ie. new Churches)  and some of the most modernist of priests are in the some of the most traditional looking Churches.  (that's not a hard rule, you'll find good priests in traditional looking churches as well as modernists enjoying their bleak architecture. 

But the parish I was baptized in had a "new" Church  built in 1955 and you can see since it has changed very little that it's hard to push a drastic change in a more traditional looking church. ( BTW, this is the parish that Dr. David Allen White went to for instruction when he was converting to the faith.) 


We have a lot of architecturally good churches ready to be resurrected but we have a crop of garbage buildings also being foisted upon us. This place is a disaster and its only a few years old.

[Image: churchinsideFinal.jpg]  And the Cardinal has cleverly and effectively put a gag order and limited the number of TLMs.  We also have more priests who already know how to say the TLM but they rarely get the opportunity to do it publicly because of the de facto but "unofficial" restrictions.  If you say the TLM, you aren't allowed to say it in a decent neighborhood at a decent time.


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