Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-14-2011, 01:55 AM)Joshua Wrote: Quote from: UE Sec. 20 - A.
Every Catholic priest who is not impeded by Canon Law  is to be considered idoneus (“qualified”) for the celebration of the Holy Mass in the forma extraordinaria.

I've run into a few occasions where a Bishop has declined the permission for a Latin Mass to be said in a parish due to the lack of a "qualified" Priest. He'd go on to invent his own criteria for what he considers "qualified" which usually involves an exaggerated process of leaving town for training and becoming perfectly fluent in the Latin language. This clarification takes away this bit of ammunition from dissident Bishops.

However the one very bad section that I've yet to see anyone dedicate any attention or commentary on is the portion dealing with the conferral of the clerical state. UE states the following:

This is a great observation.  With this in mind, the game was not really a no hitter.

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