Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-13-2011, 10:36 PM)Bakuryokuso Wrote:
(05-13-2011, 09:32 PM)LausTibiChriste Wrote: That was it? Considering all the hype I was expecting more, though I knew I shouldn't have got my hopes up.

Well it is a clarification document after all - a dicasterial document and not a papal document, though it has full force - not exactly a new motu proprio. What would you have liked to see it say? What would've wowed you? They can't really abrogate the NO until seminarians know Latin and the TLM... So at least it could've been far more forceful in that regards, as many have pointed out.

I would have been wowed had it spoke the truth......................

Quote:3. The Holy Father, having recalled the concern of the Sovereign Pontiffs in caring for the Sacred Liturgy and in their recognition of liturgical books, reaffirms the traditional principle, recognised from time immemorial and necessary to be maintained into the future, that “each particular Church must be in accord with the universal Church not only regarding the doctrine of the faith and sacramental signs, but also as to the usages universally handed down by apostolic and unbroken tradition.

Nice words, but, er, tradition is forsaken and universally broken by the NO.

Quote:6. The Roman Missal promulgated by Pope Paul VI and the last edition prepared under Pope John XXIII, are two forms of the Roman Liturgy, defined respectively as ordinaria and extraordinaria: they are two usages of the one Roman Rite, one alongside the other. Both are the expression of the same lex orandi of the Church. On account of its venerable and ancient use, the forma extraordinaria is to be maintained with appropriate honor.

Both are not expressions of the same lex orandi of the Church and the TLM cannot "coexist one alongside the other."

Quote:7. Among the statements of the Holy Father was the following: “There is no contradiction between the two editions of the Roman Missal. In the history of the Liturgy growth and progress are found, but not a rupture. What was sacred for prior generations, remains sacred and great for us as well, and cannot be suddenly prohibited altogether or even judged harmful.”

Give me a break with this paragraph. Do people actually believe this?

That's enough - from what I see, there are no shortages of errors - if not outright lies. Should've expected that I guess - but I was hoping for much more.

Same old modernist bs.

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