Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-14-2011, 06:28 AM)Bakuryokuso Wrote: Let's be frank: when the Pope releases a document on the TLM, many neo-Catholics will look to the Trads. You're needlessly causing scandal. That you bring the Jews up disparagingly on this thread and drag the Holy Father's name thru the mud is completely unacceptable. And that's getting my undies in a knot? How about not wanting to turn people off from Traditionalism unnecessarily. I think that's of paramount importance. 

I don't want to intrude on the larger discussion, but I think that Bak is right on the money with the general thrust of this paragraph: I've lost count of the number of posts on FE that, if I had seen them first, I would never had joined this community. And this community has been the source of my life's greatest blessing save only for my conversion itself.

To speak on this forum is to speak publically. There's a burden of responsibility that goes with public speech, especially when it concerns the attribution of fault or misdeed, and especially when that concerns God's clergy. And also when it concerns matters of race and ethnicity.

The first Trad I ever met, many years ago, put me off of the Tradition and everything to do with it for a long time. Fortunately I came around and realized that he was just full of it. But people can do a lot of damage by shooting their mouths off. Especially when such mouth shootery amounts to little more than stroking one's own ego, in a mode of self-congratulation. Yes, much like a Pharisee. Now that's not directed at anyone in particular.

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