Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
I don't want to derail this thread anymore, but I support what Vetus has said here. 

He is speaking wisely. 

Quote:There is always a middle road. I mean the Pope writes a 200-page book and folks get tied up in knots over a few lines. It was the same with Verbum Domini - the document has many excellent passages, encouraging the faithful to pray the Angelus, for example, which is an extremely traditional practice, yet that text was basically ignored on FE except some folks were going bonkers about female Lectors.

That's because the documents need to be 100% on the spot.  If someone makes a cake with 5% poison, are you going to say "let's ignore the poison, the cake is delicious!"  No.  You're going to worry and fret about the poison.  And you probably won't eat the cake.  (That is, if the cake isn't a lie...)

Quote:In terms of my own "intellectual enslavement"... I mean, really. I brought a Jew to the TLM with me on Maundy Thursday this year. Oh look at me! I'm so intellectually enslaved that I'm actively working for the conversion of Jews! Boy are my priorities out of whack!
By doing that, I hope you know, that you are acting much more Catholic than the Pope.

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