Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
I'm kind of disappointed in the amount of people that are disappointed in the documents.  The amount of "its <i>ok,</i> but..."  and "At least its something <i>but</i>"  and other bitter comments.

I say Deo Gratias.  If the NO is a chastisement from God then the chastisement is beginning to lift.  This <i>is</i> a step in the right direction.  How can you sigh at that? 

Drop to your knees and thank God.  If the documents aren't what you <b>think</b> they should be (because obviously we're the best judges of what is right and wrong for Mother Church) then pray some more. 

Keep the ho-humming to yourselves.  I don't think its becoming.  .02

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