Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-15-2011, 01:45 PM)CollegeCatholic Wrote: I don't want to derail this thread anymore, but I support what Vetus has said here. He is speaking wisely.

(05-15-2011, 01:45 PM)CollegeCatholic Wrote: That's because the documents need to be 100% on the spot.  If someone makes a cake with 5% poison, are you going to say "let's ignore the poison, the cake is delicious!"  No.  You're going to worry and fret about the poison.  And you probably won't eat the cake.  (That is, if the cake isn't a lie...)

I really believe Vetus has a very ardent desire to serve, honour and love the Lord. Obviously on various issues we'll have to agree to disagree. In his last reply to me he displays strong intellectual rigour and I'm clearly not convincing him of anything so he's rock-solid in his own convictions if nothing else.

Bottom line, I especially object to some of the heavy-handedness displayed on the forum at times.

The other issue for me is making every controversial issue into a litmus test, and I think what one forum member sees as 5% poison may not in fact be poison at all. I get the impression sometimes that certain members just plug their ears and scream "it's poison! it's poison!" If that's the attitude it makes me wonder why they're on FE in the first place knowing that a large percentage of members disagree with some of the harder-line stances.

Like if some of our more adamant fundamentalists believe that I'm a Liberal and others are modernists... and yet Quis tolerates us... why endanger yourselves by hanging out on FE? The tent of tradition, I think, is much larger than that. At any rate I think positions have really hardened because the SSPX has been "irregular" for so long and has been thus permitted to develop independently.

I love the SSPX... I would've wished that UE was the document regularizing them after they demonstrated their good will by showing up for the doctrinal talks. And otherwise it's not even much of an olive branch to tend to them. It mentions reconciliation but doesn't go a long way to reconciling anything.

(05-15-2011, 01:45 PM)CollegeCatholic Wrote:
Bakuryokuso Wrote:In terms of my own "intellectual enslavement"... I mean, really. I brought a Jew to the TLM with me on Maundy Thursday this year. Oh look at me! I'm so intellectually enslaved that I'm actively working for the conversion of Jews! Boy are my priorities out of whack!
By doing that, I hope you know, that you are acting much more Catholic than the Pope.

Thanks for the "complement"... that's a common expression in French, "being more Catholic than the Pope" but it's always used in the sense that it's impossible to be more Catholic than the Pope  :)

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