Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
Cetil Wrote:Joshua,
Your discussion of the possible sacrilege involved here is very disturbing and interesting. Have you discussed this with Father Z or any other clergy?

No I have not. However, having been with the FSSP, I can tell you that it was a very divisive issue at one point. A certain Priest of the FSSP (rather high in its echelons) many years back was of the opinion that neither tonsure nor any of the Minor Orders (when performed today) confer the clerical state and are utterly devoid of any meaning or efficacy, other than an "external" continuity with "defunct" liturgical traditions. Well Bishop Bruskewitz thought otherwise and essentially took this Priest by the ear and said, "Look! ... See this? See these rites that I am performing? It says I [i]am making clerics. Period."[/i] (not in these words, obviously, but that's the gist of it.)

Objectively speaking, it's really quite simple. As long as a liturgical rite or ceremony has the full approbation of the Holy See, then anything the rite says it is doing is in fact actually happening. The reason that I hesitate to send over this query over to Father Z. (who is of the opinion of the aforementioned Priest) or someone in a similar position is that I don't want this to domino into disaster. A cursory examination of this issue will reveal that a very real problem exists here. The solution can go in one of three directions:

The Holy See (PCED/SCR) issuing a clarifying statement that the use of the Minor Orders - as contained in the approved 1962 Pontificale Romanum - by canonically erected socities and institutes confers the clerical state upon the reception of tonsure. To those who do not make use of the Rites of Minor Orders, the clerical state is conferred upon reception of the Diaconate.

2.) To placate traditional societies, Rome devises a revised set of rites for Minor Orders that omits any reference to the conferral of the clerical state.

3.) Rome disallows the permission to make use of the rites of Minor Orders for any priestly institute of society. [/i]

Needless to say, the latter two would be horrific. However they are, unfortunately, the more likely outcomes of a full investigation into the matter, IMHO. This is really why, in this technological age, I don't want this issue to find its way to the desk of some influential wolf in prelatial attire via communication with Fr. Z or anyone similar. The only position that a Catholic can take on this issue at this moment in time, objectively speaking, is that the rites of Minor Orders, for as long as they enjoy the full approbation of the Holy See, do precisely what they unequivocally state: conferring the clerical state. To say otherwise would be blatant sacrilege.

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