Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
I haven't read through some of the later pages of this thread, but, and I hate to have to say this, we need to keep watch over these sorts of statements.  We may (and should) place hope in them being a sign that the Church is taking the first baby steps toward coming back to tradition wholesale.  However, there are many in the Church who want to integrate the TLM and the NO so that the EF exists no longer.  And at this point, the latter appears much more likely than the former, for now.  We cannot always assume the worst of God's Church, even if it has been so trampled.  We know that the Holy Ghost will give it the grace to reject all evils and return to glory.  But we would be quite foolish to assume the absolute best of all our prelates in Rome during this time of crisis as well.  I'm not talking about judging individuals.  I'm talking about expecting Rome to suddenly look like it's 1890 or 1700 again (which I believe many of us would die for).

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