Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-16-2011, 03:11 PM)Vetus Ordo Wrote:
(05-16-2011, 02:48 PM)St. Drogo Wrote: The NO is scandalous and may potentially jeopardize your faith, to be sure, but it is not a mortal sin.

It's certainly a mortal sin for those who know what it is and what it stands for.

SSPX.org (Fr. Peter R. Scott) Wrote:However, even if we could be certain of the validity of the Novus Ordo Masses celebrated in today’s Conciliar churches, it does not follow that they are pleasing to God. Much to the contrary, they are objectively sacrilegious, even if those who assist at them are not aware of it. By such a statement, I do not mean that all those who celebrate or assist at the New Mass are necessarily in mortal sin, having done something directly insulting to Almighty God and to our Divine Savior.

The moral theologians explain that sacrilege is in itself and generally a mortal sin (ex genere suo), but that it is not always a mortal sin, because it can concern a relatively small or unimportant thing. Here we are speaking of a real sacrilege, the dishonoring of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, by the elimination of the prayers and ceremonies that protect its holiness, by the absence of respect, piety and adoration, and by the failure to express the Catholic doctrine of the Mass as a true propitiatory sacrifice for our sins. Here there are varying degrees. Just as it is a grave sacrilege and objective mortal sin for a lay person to touch the sacred host without reason, so it is, for example, a venial sin to do the same thing to the chalice or the blessed linens, such as the purificator or pall.

It can be an objectively mortal sin of sacrilege if Holy Communion is distributed in the hand or by lay ministers, if there is no respect, if there is talking or dancing in church, or if it includes some kind of ecumenical celebration, etc.

In each case, the subjective culpability is an altogether other question that God only can judge.

To assist at the New Mass, for a person who is aware of the objective sacrilege involved, is consequently at least a venial sin.

Thanks Dymphna. An article that pops up again every few months and sums up the SSPX’s position rather well. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that Vetus’s blanket characterization of NO attendance as a mortal sin (without any qualification other than “knowledge”) is a gross oversimplification of the actual SSPX position.

Question though for Vetus/Stubborn. In a recent FE poll, the majority of voters prefer the FSSP/Diocesan TLM (52%). The SSPX and Other (assuming these are SSPV or pre-1962 missal masses) clock in at 34%. So 66% of FE members who answered the poll are non-SSPX folks. With that sort of balance, do you see FE as a sort of mission field, these poor FSSP and Diocesan souls come on board and you hope to show them the truth, the light, about their supposed complicity in the destruction of the faith?


I ask because for me, in some ways, I wouldn’t make a certain discussion board my main hang-out/online home if I believed that half (or more) of its active posters were living in mortal sin.

Has FE in fact grown since Summorum Pontificum? It seems to have grown a lot since 2009 at any rate… whether or not this is due to an increase in TLM’s is up for debate. But again, this is what I see happening… Universae Ecclesiae will lead to more TLM’s, more neo-Catholics will become Trads and probably for a number of them it will be a stepping-stone to the SSPX. For example, a neo-Catholic would never dream of going directly to the SSPX but thru FE I could see that happening, for good or ill.

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