Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-16-2011, 07:04 PM)Bakuryokuso Wrote: Seriously though, it's more in the sense of the forum being divided about the SSPX. I mean, that's a relatively tame comment compared to Stubborn saying the FSSP are actively working to destroy the true faith!

Not so Bak - I said the FSSP  support the destruction of the true faith.

I have and would again attend the FSSP Mass in a hot minute if that's all that was available for me - but I would not give any donation.

As I stated my opinion earlier, the plain truth is that the NO and it's service is a parody - or caricature of the Holy Sacrifice.................that, in and of itself is a Sacrilege and due to that fact, there can be no supporting of it.

This UE is, IMO, both good and bad (what else is new eh?). On the one hand, it should make the TLM more readily available - depending on the whims of the clergy,.

OTOH, whereas the Spotless Bride was outlawed 45 years ago, by that act alone She at least remained spotless. What will happen to Her as the NO becomes intimate with Her? Or are we to assume or trust that She will remain untouched by the very enemy that outlawed Her to begin with?

Seems that in their eagerness, most folks here overlook the reality of this crisis - this is nothing new! . . . . and I hope I'm 100% wrong thinking that the demonstrated and proven destruction of the NO over the last 45 years will suddenly disappear with this UE - but the first few items of the UE that I noted earlier in this thread lead me to seriously doubt it.   

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