Fear no bugs since thou understandeth pH
Fear no bugs since thou understandeth pH By The Idaho Observer
"The germ is nothing. The soil is everything."
~Louis Pasteur
The key to health is maintaining a body pH of 7.0 to 7.5—with the understanding that no pathogens known to man are capable of existing, much less reproducing, in a pH of 7.5-8.0. So, spending a few dollars to become an "expert" acid/alkaline balancer now will, over the course of a lifetime of drugs and surgeries, lost work time and lost quality of life, provide a greater return than any investment you have ever made. Secondly, though more expensively, we present The Alkalizer. This is a truly remarkable machine. It divides systemically poisonous fluoridated and chlorinated tap water into clean, properly ionized and alkalinized water that hydrates your body, allowing nutrients into your cells and aiding in the elimination of cellular waste products and acidic ion water for external purposes.
If you understand the acid/alkaline balance as it relates to illness and health, you will no longer have any fear of bird flu, cancer, diabetes, heart disease or any other acute or chronic illness. The truth is that the appearance of disease and the severity of disease symptoms is totally dependent upon the general health of the host. The chief indicator of general health is pH—high pH means your cells are being oxygenated and they are able to take in nutrients, excrete waste, perform their intended functional and are not vulnerable to infection; low pH means your cells are being deprived of oxygen, are not properly taking in nutrients or efficiently excreting waste, are not able to perform their intended function and are vulnerable to infection.
It is an axiom of life that pathogens (viruses, fungi, bacteria) do not "attack" live, healthy cells and tissue. We have been taught to believe that germs cause disease, when the truth is that dis-ease causes germs. According to Dr. John Christopher, the father of modern herbology, "The germ is the scavenger that lives on toxins, mucous, poisons and filth. They are nature’s perfect garbage men. We should work with them, not against them. With moist incubation they multiply faster and faster. To live they must eat and the only thing they can consume is the filth of the body. When all the garbage is cleaned up, they leave because they have nothing more to live on."
The best little book we have ever seen on the subject of pH was published by the Health Crusador Greg Ciola with Gary Tunsky, ND. At $12.95 it will be the best investment in health you've ever made. Call Crusador Enterprises at 1-800-593-6273, or check them out on the web at http://www.HealthLiesExposed.com

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