Contemplative practices for laypeople?
Hi there, as a newly-returning Catholic, I am looking to enrich my prayer life and my relationship with God.
I'm very interested in seeking out some sort of more contemplative practice in addition to regular Mass attendance and praying the rosary. I have read about centering prayer but there seem to be enough questions about its validity that I plan to stay away from it. I figured this board would be a good place to seek out recommendations for books which outline a type of non-problematic contemplative practice which I could make a part of my life.
Sometimes I feel a little dense because when I peruse books by doctors of the Church, I have a little trouble figuring out how to put their recommended methods into practice, so I'm hoping to find sources which will really break it down for me into steps which, while they may not be easy to do on a regular basis, will be easy to understand and attempt to put into practice.
Thanks for any help.

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