Contemplative practices for laypeople?
(05-31-2011, 11:39 AM)Graham Wrote: But from what little I've read about so-called centering prayer, the centering in oneself is only a preperatory stage to proper Christian contemplation, meant to render it more effective, more concentrated, if you will. In the same way, the anonymous author of the Cloud of Unknowing advises us first to concentrate on our naked being, then to orient that towards God. Or I might cite the Philokalia: "it is impossible for us to become reconciled and united with God, if we do not first return to ourselves, as far as it lies in our power, or if we do not enter within ourselves, tearing ourselves—what a wonder it is!—from the whirl of the world with its multitudinous vain cares and striving constantly to keep attention on the kingdom of heaven which is within us." Here is a pamphlet I found on Br. Keating's website: . Give that a read. What is so heretical about it? It seems to be nothing but a condensation and popularization of traditional contemplative practices.

Here are some articles. I think the first one covers most of the bases in general.
Catholic Education Article:
Response by Catholic Bishops:

More links to articles:


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